Bye Bye Blackheads

Bye Bye Blackheads

Everyone gets the occasional blackhead, some of use get them more than others. But, it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed. Blackheads are an annoying reoccurring problem that many of us experience. That doesn't mean there is no solution or way out to get back to healthy, clear, blackhead free skin. I get many blackheads on and around my nose. It never really bothered me, but I could always see them there.

               Before and After

Recently i was given the Skinapeel Deep Cleansing Black Mask. So i thought, hey, why not just give it a try and see if this stuff really works. After one peel i notice a huge difference in my nose. It looked and felt a lot smoother, my pores looked so much better. At the same time is so fun to use. I applied the mask on just my nose at first and left it to dry for about 5 minutes. As I started to peel it off it made me reminisce to them fun times of peeling PVA glue off my hands in a lesson of Art when the teacher wasn’t looking. Except this time there was no strong unpleasant smell involved. Instead just the amazing feeling of having my blackheads finally cleaned away and my pores feeling cleansed and revitalised. I have taken a picture for all of you to see the before and after results.

Later that day i went to my sisters and straight away she asked me had i used something on my nose. I thought, wow, maybe i should have used this mask sooner! Don't let your blackheads take permamant stay on your face, because they truly are really easy to get rid of. You really notice the difference in your whole face after using this mask. it can be used just on your nose, or even the whole of your face. It really is up to you how you play around with it.

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